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Teton Valley Food Pantry offers programs for the community.

ABC program (Above and Beyond the Classroom)

Provide a meal in a bag for ABC families every week during the school year.


School Pantries sponsored by United Way

Distribute fresh fruit and energy bars to ALL the schools every week during the school year for all students to snack on. 


Commodity Supplemental Food Program for Seniors

Provide a box of food monthly for qualifying seniors in addition to their weekly food from the pantry.


Seniors West of the Teton

Dispense groceries weekly for seniors signed up for meals on wheels. 


Driggs Makerspace Program

Shop for ingredients for the culinary program and provide snacks for Makerspace for after school attendees.


Backpack Program - Idaho Food Bank Sponsored

During the school year, kids take home food for the weekend in their backpacks.


Teton Valley Aquatics

Offer summer fruit and snack bars.


Teton Valley High School 

Logo and sign projects in 2022 graphic design class,  Painting outreach Pantry cupboards.


Tetonia Library

Provide snacks for after school and summer programs.


Grand Targhee Ski and Snowboard Foundation

Provide energy bars for the Nordic skiers from December to March. 


Little Free Food Pantries

Provide space for the community to donate and retrieve non-perishable foods. Currently in Driggs, expanding soon to Victor and Tetonia.

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