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About Us

Dedication and Service

The Teton Valley Food Pantry was started in November 2008 as a partnership between St. Francis of the Tetons Episcopal Church and the Rotary Club of Teton Valley. Operations originally ran from the basement of the Alta, WY Church. TVFP obtained 501(c)3 status in 2012. We are located at 481 North Main in Driggs, ID.


The Food Pantry employs three part-time staff members and a full-time executive director who works with volunteers and partners to ensure that there is a healthy variety of food available and that everyone in need is served. TVFP serves the communities of Alta, Wyoming, in addition to Victor, Driggs, Tetonia, and Felt, Idaho. 


TVFP is open five days a week. Since COVID we have adopted a personal shopper model to support our choice pantry which means staff and volunteers work with our clients to gather the items specified on their shopping lists. We take pride in ensuring that everyone is offered fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs, and other items based on dietary and cultural needs. 


Provide nutritious supplemental food to the Teton Valley community.


No one in Teton Valley goes hungry.

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