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All Hands In
"Our community takes care of each other.  The Pantry is here because of your support in every way.  Thank you for helping fulfill a basic need for those who are having a tough time putting food on the table."
-Sue Heffron, Executive Director 
No role is too small and we are happy to list a few low to no cost ideas of ways EVERYONE can play a vital role.

Funding and supplies help the food pantry service the Teton Valley community.  Find out ways to help support the pantry through physical donations and financial contributions. 


It takes a crew to manage the Teton Valley Food Pantry and support the programs offered. We are always accepting volunteers and provide training.


Sharing the story and work of the Teton Valley Food Pantry helps spreads our efforts into the community. We can reach a bigger audience who may need our services or who can help suuport us through donatations or volunteering. 

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