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Our Team

The Food Pantry employs staff members who work with volunteers and partners to ensure that there is a healthy variety of food available and that everyone in need is served. We also have a significant and dedicated workforce of around 90+ volunteers who donate over 200 hours of their time and labor each month to the pantry. 


Sue Heffron

Executive Director

Sue has been in the valley over 30 years and lives in Alta with her husband Andy.  They have raised three children and are blessed with seven grandchildren!. Being involved with food has always been a passion, especially as they raise animals on their farm, Purely By Chance.  When offered the job at the Pantry, Sue found herself at home, surrounded by great people- both volunteers and clients. Other passions include hiking, snowshoeing, reading and spending time with family and friends.

“This Pantry is our community that reaches us on the basic level of existence.  I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful organization.” 

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Sarah Lott

Pantry Assistant

Sarah is grateful to live in Teton Valley; she is inspired by the mountains, flowers and streams, the caring people and the wide open skies. Having worked in restaurants and schools, Sarah is mindful of the need for food equity and thankful for the multi faceted work of the pantry. She is glad to be raising her two boys alongside her husband in a small, kind community where nature is revered and trails are so close to home. Sarah loves to connect with people through her work at the pantry and when not there she can be found in a garden, on her horse and out enjoying
the amazing landscape around us on skis, foot or by boat.

“I am glad to be able to give back to the hard-working members of our community through my work at the pantry.”

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Charmayne Rauch

Pantry Assistant

Charmayne transplanted herself from a job at Eli Lilly in her home state of California to Teton Valley in 2007. She took classes to become a master gardener while managing a busy chiropractic office for Dr. Jim Davis. She thought she was retiring until she found the food pantry, when her weekly volunteering turned into a part-time job. She is looking forward to spending more time in her garden, hiking, biking and cooking for friends and family. 

“I am committed to making sure that anyone in need of food assistance knows about the pantry”

Willy pic.jpg
Willy Warner

Pantry Assistant

Willy has been a resident for over 20 years in Teton Valley where with his wife they raised their two children. Willy just started at the Food Pantry and values the opportunity to work with clients experiencing food insecurity. When not at the pantry Willy is on his bike or in the snow enjoying Teton Valley’s outdoors.

Dany Martinez .jpg
Daniela Martienz

Pantry Assistant

She was born in Mexico. She studied Modern Languages at the Universidad del Valle de Tlaxcala and is excited to put what she has learned into practice. She has lived in the valley with her sister and her mother for a year and half now. Her passion is learning something new every day and sharing what she has learned. She likes to help people and meet new people. And at the same time treat everyone how she would like to be treated.


Having experience working in a community center in Mexico, she realized that what she enjoys the most is helping others. Being part of the food bank gives her the opportunity to reach out to members of the community, especially the Latino community.


“I am very grateful to be a part of the Teton Valley Food Pantry, thanks to them I have an opportunity to prosper.”

2022 Board of Directors

My husband, Mike, and I moved to Teton Valley in 2017 to help run the Fin and Feather Inn, a bed and breakfast in Victor, with our daughter, Rachel. At the bed and breakfast, I get such joy from preparing and serving our guests a great breakfast (my family has hospitality and food service in our blood)! As such, I was naturally drawn to the Food Pantry’s mission and started volunteering. In my mind there is nothing better than being able to FEED people; it is such a basic need. The work at the pantry is extremely rewarding and fun and I found a great way to give back because I get SOOO much from this community; great outdoor activities, great restaurants, awesome friend groups, and amazing vistas and views everywhere. As time went on, I just kept saying “Yes!” and here I am on the board helping to build a welcoming, flourishing resource for this wonderful community.

Anne Fortier

Board Chair

I moved to The Valley in March of 2020 to be closer to my children and their families. I absolutely love this beautiful area and all of the wonderful people I have gotten to know and work with. 

I am retired and the proud father of 2 adults. I am also a proud grandfather of 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons who range in age from 16 to 8. I am a former United States Marine Corps Captain. My career following the Marine Corps was in a variety of sales and managerial roles for E.R. Squibb - a pharmaceutical company, Experian - a credit reporting agency, IBM, and AT&T. In my free time I enjoy being with my family, reading, caring for our 3 acres, and participating in many great activities with Seniors West of the Tetons. 

I joined the Food Pantry Board in June 2022 and absolutely love the privilege of serving in order that I might further assist in strengthening and advancing the Pantry’s mission. The staff and board are so totally committed to serving those in need of Food Pantry services.

Additionally I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to volunteer some of my time to assist in the wonderful mission of the Teton Valley Food Pantry and thereby help people in need. I love working with the Pantry Team and the people who shop there.

Tim Foreman.jpg
Tim Foreman


Barbara and Tim Larkin moved to Jackson in 1978, started an independent insurance claims business, and built their home in Teton Valley in 1993. After 38 years in the insurance business, Barbara’s next career was an extension of her 25-year hobby and vocation of teaching people how to train their dogs and, in 2004, became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She continues her work with JH Positive Training. 

“A tour of the Food Pantry in October 2019 was enlightening. I wished to volunteer but was teaching full time. In late March 2020, suddenly there was a lot of time available! The Food Pantry was experiencing a pandemic-related surge and helping the Pantry and community took center stage. Since then, I’m honored to have become a Board Member and Treasurer.  The teamwork, commitment, and compassion of all who work at the Pantry is remarkable and inspirational. Volunteering at the Food Pantry has been tremendously gratifying and provides a positive impact in the community.”
Pantry Volunteer starting April 2020
Board Member /Treasurer, January 2021 – Present

Barb Larkin.jpg
Barbara Larkin


A co-founder of the Teton Valley Food Pantry in 2009 I had stepped away from involvement with the pantry in order to supplement my real estate career with a second job in the worst years of the Great Recession. I was approached in 2018  by a former member of The TVFP Board to be a part of the formation of the first official TVFP Board. Back to solely my real estate career and oft thinking about re-engaging in giving back to the community, this was a well-timed proposition and I said yes.  

I was raised in a family that valued giving to those in need and I enjoy continuing that effort in honor of my Mom and Dad,  gratitude for what myself, my family and this community have, and most importantly help to provide some level of peace for those having the most difficult time getting by.

PK2 (1).jpg
Paul Kelly


Sandra is a lifetime resident of Teton Valley, born in Driggs. She has had a busy career in nursing and currently is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Teton Valley Health. Sandra is invested in serving our community and believes she can contribute to the Teton Valley Food Pantry through her expertise, willingness to serve, and her compassion for others. She currently serves as our Board Secretary. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I felt the need to serve others and volunteering at the Food Pantry was one way I was able to give back. This sparked my interest and reinforced my belief that when basic necessities of life are available, then the human potential can be realized."

Sandra Woolstenhulme.jpg
Sandra Woolstenhulme


Teton Valley has been Sue’s home for 20 years. She is a small scale farmer—an owner of Snowdrift Farms along with her partner Greg—and grows many varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, some of which are grown for the Food Pantry. She loves the mountains and the wildlife of the area, and is always up for an outdoor adventure. Sue joined the board of the Food Pantry in fall 2022.

“I found myself drawn to this organization through my own connection with food. Our farm and eating our own fresh produce makes us so happy, and I like to share that. I am concerned with people not having enough food on the table, as well as not knowing how to prepare healthy food and why it’s important. I enjoy fostering connections between clients at the Pantry and local food, and am psyched to contribute to the well-being of our community through work on the Food Pantry board.”

Sue Miller (1).jpeg
Sue Miller


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