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Why It Matters 2020


“Why It Matters”

Teton Valley Food Pantry (TVFP) leads the movement to end hunger in Teton Valley.   In good and challenging times, many of your friends and neighbors live without a secure source of food on a daily and weekly basis. In 2019, children, adults and seniors used the Pantry 2457 times. Already in just the first five months of 2020, that number has topped 2713.

Your donations allow TVFP to provide a safe, reliable source of food to local low-income families and individuals in a respectful manner and convenient location. Administrator Sue Heffron leads day-to-day operations at the Food Pantry where a large group of dedicated volunteers help with food stocking, packaging and distributions.

TVFP is a “choice” pantry where clients choose from a variety of foods to meet their basic needs. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in changes to meet state food pantry and CDC guidelines. Local food drives had to be put on hold. So, the Food Pantry moved to ordering all food directly through the Idaho Food Bank, Broulim’s and US Foods. Your gift means more fresh healthy food choices are added, such as milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Currently, the Food Pantry provides each client with a shopping list where they choose the items most needed in their household. Then volunteers fill each order. This allows food to be handled safely, while letting individuals choose the foods that are best for their family.

In addition, the Food Pantry increased hours to meet the growing number of households. There are now three weekly food distribution times. Your contribution through the Tin Cup Challenge will help keep the Food Pantry doors open and shelves stocked as long as necessary for your fellow community members.

All in all, Teton Valley Food Pantry is truly a community-driven organization where your donation has a direct impact on the most basic element of people’s daily lives – FOOD!

The TVFP is located at 1420 North Highway 33, Suite 103 in the Teton Valley Business and Education Center (Trailhead Business Center). More information:

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