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The holiday season is a time to spend time with your close friends and family to share the love you have for one another. You are able to sit around the dinner table with your family members and enjoy a meal.

But every year on Thanksgiving, part of our Teton Valley community does not have the ability to be able to share food with their family members. The Teton Valley Food Pantry is committed to helping members of our community have the same opportunity to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal with those they love.

You can help a neighbor in need put a meal on the table this Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Your donation will allow us to feed the children, adults and seniors who come to the Food Pantry every week and want to sit down to eat with their families over the holidays.

Teton Valley Food Pantry is a largely volunteer-driven organization. That means your donation has a big impact on feeding people in their time of greatest need. The Holiday season is the time when the Food Pantry has more visitors than any other time of year.

We ask you to please consider a Thanksgiving or Holiday donation to support your neighbors in need this season. You may donate by mail or through our website

Thank you for your consideration,

Deb Adams, President

Elaine Moehring, Vice President

Lisa Wagener, Treasurer

Monica Hoth, Secretary

Paul Kelly

Ryan Kunz

Bob Copyak

Gabby Hermosillo

Anne Fortier

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