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2022 Youth Philanthropy Grant Awards

The Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s Youth Philanthropy Program, in partnership with two Dual Enrollment Government classes at Teton High School, announced this year’s Youth Philanthropy grant winners at an Awards Assembly at Teton High School. Now in its 12th season, this year’s awards mark a total of $58,000 in granting and 460 students engaged via this multifaceted program.

Youth Philanthropy provides an excellent opportunity to introduce the concept of philanthropy to the next generation while helping students better understand the significant and impactful roles that nonprofits play in their own community. According to one Senior, “It gave us a hands-on experience of how philanthropy works. It’s a great project that engages students and provokes critical thinking.” Another student commented how much they enjoyed the “freedom [they] were awarded” during the decision-making process. This program allows young adults “a chance to feel what it’s like being a part of and helping the community.”

The Youth Philanthropy Program is made possible through the generosity of Tin Cup Challengers and other private donors who partner with the Community Foundation of Teton Valley to elevate lives through the power of generosity. Challenger Richard Grundler charitably augmented students’ traditional granting capacity with an additional gift, giving them a total of $7,000 in awards to distribute during the grant cycle. Participating students were rewarded for their efforts with a pizza party sponsored by RAD Curbside following the school assembly.

This year’s seniors worked through 17 grant applications with a total funding ask of $14,809. After thorough discussion over three class periods, they awarded five projects full funding and four projects partial grant awards with the available funds.

2022 Youth Philanthropy Grant Awards

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